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  • Dr. Thomas Bender

    As a chiropractor I am interested in the structure and communication of your body, including the spine, joints, nerves, muscles and their interaction together within your body.  As a physician I am concerned about your overall health and that you are living as vital of a life as possible.  It is hard to enjoy life and live with passion when you are not functioning at your best.  I love helping other people make their bodies better and healthier.  I walk the walk myself everyday through exercise, healthy eating, supplementation, good rest,chiropractic and a positive attitude.  Joy is the word that best describes me.  I love humor and positive energy.  As far as I know I’m only taking this ride of life once and I want to feel great, look my best, and have a lot of fun experiences.  I enjoy helping others pursue a similar path.

    I am married with 8 children.  I am a pilot and a Marine Corps Veteran.  I enjoy playing the guitar.  I love intense exercise and of course getting that pump.  I am a reserve deputy on the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and have a lot of fun with that.  Last, I am really thankful that my mother is in good health and that she works with me in my office.  That is time that is priceless.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had a rib out of place in the upper right shoulder area. I had suffered with the pain for about four months not knowing what the problem was and assuming that I was facing some sort of surgery. After my first visit with Dr. Bender, I knew I had come to the right place! In two days, I had my second visit and that was 5 months ago! No more problems with shoulder pain."
    Jimmy L.
  • "After being in a car accident, I was experiencing pain in my back and hip that continued to get worse over time. I am skeptical when it comes to medical treatment, so, I put off getting the help I needed until the pain became so severe I could no longer ignore it. It was so bad that I wasn’t sleeping well and was unable to perform my daily routine. The pain was wearing me down physically and emotionally.
    I saw an advertisement announcing Dr. Thomas Bender’s chiropractic care in Ardmore. I made a call and learned that I didn’t need an appointment to be seen and that the office visit fee was very affordable. I found Dr. Bender to be friendly, caring, and honest. He not only cared about relieving my pain, but about my general overall health as well.
    After three visits, I no longer have the pain I suffered with for so long. I am sleeping well and able to perform my daily activities. I am thankful to have Dr. Bender here in Ardmore."
    Fran A.