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No Need to Search for a “Chiropractor Near Me” for Your Pain! We Treat a Range of Conditions!

Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain caused by an injury or disease? Does it seem like the pain will not go away? If so, we at Bender Chiropractic in Ardmore, TN, want to tell you that we have the latest techniques that help minimize that pain. What’s more, you don’t need to look for a “chiropractor near me.” Our practice focuses on helping patients achieve overall wellness after an injury or disease had decreased their life quality. Here is a look at some of the conditions we commonly treat with state-of-the-art chiropractic methods.

Back Pain

More than half the American population acknowledge to having symptoms of back pain every year. Back pain is the leading reason why many individuals miss more than five days of work. Additionally, no one is an exception to back pain. People of all ages can have this type of pain, whether acute or chronic. There is no main cause to back pain as a range of injuries, diseases, and disorders can trigger it.

Fortunately, for the residents of Ardmore, TN, and surrounding areas, we can find the root source of back pain and treat it with modern chiropractic techniques.

Neck Pain

About 30% of Americans suffer from neck pain annually, and about 50% of those have chronic neck pain. Treating neck pain can be an economic burden for some people as it involves lost wages in some cases, and treatment becomes too expensive. Working on computers for long periods, participating in contact sports, and auto accidents can trigger neck pain. Adjustments, corrective exercises, and lifestyle changes can help ease acute and chronic neck pain.

Plantar Fasciitis

The tissue that connects the heel to the toes is called the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis is when this tissue becomes inflamed due to tension or stress. It could also happen if you are overweight, do long-distance runner, or have flat feet. Physiotherapy, orthotics, and ultrasound therapy can help with this condition.

Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen at any time. In fact, three million Americans are injured annually as a result of auto accidents. From whiplash to chronic headaches, some auto accident injuries are not apparent right away. By visiting a chiropractor as soon as after the accident, we can help make sure the injury is not causing damage to other parts of the body, and we can devise a plan to facilitate the healing process.

Work Injuries

No matter how well you practice proper work ergonomics, a work injury can still happen. If you suffered an injury in your workplace, come and visit our chiropractor for an examination. We can assist with making sure that you properly heal so that you can return to work as soon as possible.

Choose Us to Get You on The Road to Recovery

The conditions mentioned above are not the only ones we can treat. If you don’t see the condition you are experiencing in this article, simply give our team at Bender Chiropractic in Ardmore, TN, a call at 931-427-8900 to find out if we can handle it. We are here to get you on the road to recovery.


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