About Us

Here at Bender Center for Natural Healing and Preventative Medicine we believe that under normal circumstances a nutritionally fed, exercised, rested and adjusted body is going to be a beautiful healthy body.  The problem is that most of us do very little of any of this and when we get the idea to start it is very difficult to know where and how.  That’s where we come in.  Whether you’re trying to get out of pain, lose weight, increase your health, or get answers to a chronic health problem that has been bothering you.  We do all of this and much more.  If you have any questions about a health related issue please feel free to call or stop in.  Information is free.

Unique Fees And Scheduling

Our adjustment fees are very reasonable because our interest is YOU and your care. The fact that we are a cash practice – meaning that we do not accept insurance – helps us to keep our prices low and our focus where it belongs.

Adjustments will cost you $35, while your initial visit including X-rays will run $95. In many cases, these fees are less expensive than what you might pay in deductibles and non-covered fees even with chiropractic coverage.

No Appointment Necessary

We have a walk-in office, where no appointment is necessary. Just come right in any time during adjusting hours and get in line. We’ll adjust you on the same day, even if you’re a new patient.

Our adjusting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Drop in for care, or call us at (256) 423-8900 with questions.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had a rib out of place in the upper right shoulder area. I had suffered with the pain for about four months not knowing what the problem was and assuming that I was facing some sort of surgery. After my first visit with Dr. Bender, I knew I had come to the right place! In two days, I had my second visit and that was 5 months ago! No more problems with shoulder pain."
    Jimmy L.
  • "After being in a car accident, I was experiencing pain in my back and hip that continued to get worse over time. I am skeptical when it comes to medical treatment, so, I put off getting the help I needed until the pain became so severe I could no longer ignore it. It was so bad that I wasn’t sleeping well and was unable to perform my daily routine. The pain was wearing me down physically and emotionally.
    I saw an advertisement announcing Dr. Thomas Bender’s chiropractic care in Ardmore. I made a call and learned that I didn’t need an appointment to be seen and that the office visit fee was very affordable. I found Dr. Bender to be friendly, caring, and honest. He not only cared about relieving my pain, but about my general overall health as well.
    After three visits, I no longer have the pain I suffered with for so long. I am sleeping well and able to perform my daily activities. I am thankful to have Dr. Bender here in Ardmore."
    Fran A.