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I practice with one goal in mind. That goal is to get people out of pain and on with their life in as short time as possible. I am very good at what I do and help nearly everybody that walks through my door. If I accept your case and you show no improvement after three visits I will refer you to somebody I think can help you. If you have pain that you are unsure what to do about come and talk to me. The consultation is free. Even if I cannot help you I may be able to point you in the right direction.

Although my professional degree is in chiropractic I have an undergraduate degree in exercise science.  I have taken numerous nutrition classes and have many hours of continuing education in functional medicine.  Putting all of this together, combined with my desire to help people and experience in the field, I have a lot to offer everybody.  I do not claim to be able to help every person who walks in my office with every ailment or pain that exists, but I am a good start for most conditions.  So many people are misinformed on topics about their health and not doctored very well.  They are often taking unnecessary drugs that only add to their poor state of health.

Instead of treating your symptoms or trying to mask them I do my best to get to the root of your pain and or illness and treat the cause.  I use comprehensive blood panels, radiographs, hormone and neuromuscular testing, and a lot of practical experience and common sense to develop a diagnosis.  On occasion I may have to refer you for further testing or to other health care practitioners.  My main concern is that you get the results you need.  As far as treatment is concerned it varies from chiropractic adjustments to hormone therapy, nutritional prescription, massage therapy, a specific exercise program, relaxation techniques or maybe just advice.  In rare cases will prescription medication be prescribed. 

I truly believe that when your body is well adjusted, exercised, fed, rested and your hormones are balanced that you will function at your highest level, looking and feeling terrific. I always have you, the patient’s, best interest in mind and will do my best to get to the root cause of your pain or disease and eliminate it. I will do this in the shortest time and most inexpensive way possible. If I feel that I am not able to help you I will make the proper referral. That is my promise.

Dr. Thomas Bender
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Inital exam, x-ray and adjustment $89 dollars (Over $200 Savings) Kids welcome- under 12 adjusted for free.

3 Visit Money Back Guarantee For New Patients: If your symptoms do not improve after 3 visits I will refund all money paid out of pocket.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had a rib out of place in the upper right shoulder area. I had suffered with the pain for about four months not knowing what the problem was and assuming that I was facing some sort of surgery. After my first visit with Dr. Bender, I knew I had come to the right place! In two days, I had my second visit and that was 5 months ago! No more problems with shoulder pain."
    Jimmy L.
  • "After being in a car accident, I was experiencing pain in my back and hip that continued to get worse over time. I am skeptical when it comes to medical treatment, so, I put off getting the help I needed until the pain became so severe I could no longer ignore it. It was so bad that I wasn’t sleeping well and was unable to perform my daily routine. The pain was wearing me down physically and emotionally.
    I saw an advertisement announcing Dr. Thomas Bender’s chiropractic care in Ardmore. I made a call and learned that I didn’t need an appointment to be seen and that the office visit fee was very affordable. I found Dr. Bender to be friendly, caring, and honest. He not only cared about relieving my pain, but about my general overall health as well.
    After three visits, I no longer have the pain I suffered with for so long. I am sleeping well and able to perform my daily activities. I am thankful to have Dr. Bender here in Ardmore."
    Fran A.